• "i had the pasta arrabbiata (made extra spicy)...my friend described it as spicy mac n cheese...i love mac n cheese so i was fine with that. 
    he had the chicken parmigiana which was so delicious.  how they got the chicken to be so juicy and delicious, i don't know!  the spaghetti was a little on the mushy side but the chicken totally made up for it with it's savory-ness!"

    Jane l. from New York, NY via Yelp
  • "Always loved my orders when I lived on the upper east. The Trattoria wrap is amazing, so is the four cheese pasta. Quick and easy.”

    Jonah C. from Chelsea, Manhattan, NY via Yelp
  • “Great lunch time spot. Try the gnocchi in pink sauce......soooooooo good!”

    Analia A. from Brooklyn, NY via Yelp